Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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Monday, December 19, 2011

As of yesterday my first book Single Minded is available on Amazon for purchase! Single Minded is the story of Four single thirty-something gals living out life on four different continents. Discovering through blogging what ties them together in their singleness and what sets them apart as unique individuals.

In the book you will meet:

Kristen she was in the last month of her 20’s as we began this year long adventure together. She was born in the States but, lived in Asia for all but a few years of her life until the age of 18. Home to her is a very fluid concept, centering more on people than place.
Kristen’s journey to Chad began her junior year of high school. During her college years the Lord refined her calling to working with a Muslim unreached people group on a church planting team that also had a Bible translation focus. Eight years after starting university, she finally left for work in Chad by way of language school in France. There is a much longer story hiding there, but I'll let her tell you that story another time.
Kristen is a trained pediatric nurse and a nurse-midwife a job she loves. She desires that nursing and midwifery will be a part of her life in Chad one day, ultimately as a means of showing women and their families the love of God and drawing them into the Kingdom.

Brittany, she is from California and when I asked her to define herself she replied with, “Who am I? That's a question! I am a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, cousin, sister-in-law, aunt, godmother, adopted aunt, adopted mom, friend, Youth Director, Worship Leader, wannabe writer, follower yet a leader, doubter and a believer, caring, hopeful, country music lovin', convertible drivin', sarcastic, single woman who loves to laugh. I sometimes feel like a mass of contradictions. At the core I am a Christ follower, not be confused with a Christian, whose inner soul longs to push the boundaries of my faith but is trapped within the soul of a shy, play by the rules kind of girl. See what I'm saying, a mass of contradictions.”
Brittany has worked the last 10 years as a Youth Pastor at the church she grew up attending in Central California. Over the past four years she’s discovered a passion in helping with disaster recovery work, mostly in Pearlington, Mississippi. She is at a point in life of wondering what's next, what will be the next chapter is in her story.

If you'd sat Jeanette down even 10 years ago and asked her where she’d be on her 30th birthday, she would never have ventured the guess, "In Japan, single, as a missionary," but... That's exactly where she was on May 7 2010, a mere 30 days after arriving on the field. It was a winding path to this place, but she would certainly tell you that she has the sensation now of having "arrived." She feels very blessed by that and truly loves the people of Japan and the work she’s been called to do among them. Officially, she’s an "English-teaching missionary" with classes in four churches and monthly youth classes in two more. Unofficially, Jeanette is a confidante and friend allowed to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ wherever she goes. Her ministry there is already growing to include a group for young women and service to the homeless community!

As for me, I am a writer and communicator, I am a big sister to 3 very different siblings, I am a Missionary, and I am a former Youth Pastor and Children’s Ministry Director, I am a first born, I am a friend to many. I love the beach, and the sun. I dislike most animals no matter how much I try, they just freak me out. I enjoy travel, but dislike packing and unpacking. I love to cook, I hate doing dishes. I love dancing and heels and hate blisters and backaches.
alternative approaches to situations and ways of doing things. I believe there are connections in all things and that most everything has a reason. Give me an idea or a problem and I will quickly see relevant problems and enjoy brainstorming how to fix or improve upon what is there. I believe in the connections we all have and that we are all part of this big story, God’s story.